All Seeing Eye


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squatchster Mouth watering, eye bleeding, ear ringing sensations. Music so soothing it causes you to feel high. This is, absurdly, dangerously good rock music.
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In October of 2017, King Bee entered the Cro's Nest Studio in Purley, Croydon, to record their best EP yet.
The result was 'All Seeing Eye'. All tracks were recorded live, with the exception of vocals and select guitar overdubs. 'All Seeing Eye' is a reflection of a two-piece gelled through years of rigorous performance and practice. No studio trickery or separation of performances: just two dudes playing their own brand of fuzzy riff-rock with surgical precision.
The overall sound of this albums eschews much of the breakneck stoner-rock that defined King Bee's earlier work; and in its place sits a mountain of somewhat slower paced sludge, with enough influence from alternative and classic rock to keep things approachable and interesting.
The Sabbathian Sludgehammer of an opener 'Megamouth' begins the EP with a kick to the skull of humongous fuzz and epic drums that propels the song forward like a steamroller.
Live favourite 'Sweat' crunches forward with an infectious and dancable groove, which gives way to a chorus built on frenzied screams, with guitar and drums that swing with the preciseness of a Newton's Cradle.
'All Seeing Eye', King Bee's most ambitious song yet, effortlessly oscillates between almost delicate guitar arpeggios and immense choruses, which builds into a befitting end for the record: A hulking riff and gargantuan finale that pitches down and deconstructs the song into one bone rattling, feedback addled drone.

Gaze into the All Seeing Eye. Gaze and feel petrified.


released November 18, 2017

Written and performed by Edward Lamb and John-Paul Townsend
Engineered by Sam Thredder at The Cro's Nest Studio, Croydon
Cover art by Joe Pearson


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KING BEE Brighton, UK

Noisy two-piece from Brighton, UK

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Track Name: Megamouth
Jaws wide as a train
Teeth stained with pain
Eyes deep as the void
Glowing like asteroids
No light this deep
No air to scream
Oxygen runs low
Now it's time to go

Beast of song

The belly of the beast
Now you've become its feast
Oh, this megalodon
This giant beast of song
Blood seeps through your suit
Down to the deep dark blue
You've become the abyss
And there'll be nothing left

Down to the abyss
To the belly of this beast
To dark crevice
Down to the abyss
Down to the abyss

Beast of song
Track Name: Sweat
I'm making a pact, oh
committing my flesh
to this boiling heat, this sweltering test
I'm putting my art first
No time to rest
The sweat is all that I have left

I'm chasing a dream
Shoelaces untied
The sweat is guiding my whole life

It's the best thing outta' my head

I feel like a kingslayer
like I wrestle down bears
I'm putting in blood, sweat, and tears
Poetic licence
For poetic cause
The sweat is all that I adore

Throw me under the bus
With all that I trust
Pull on my molded, dampened strings

It's the best thing outta' my head

And it's you, making me sweat
These lights are making me sweat
Your love is making me sweat
And it's you, making me sweat
Track Name: All Seeing Eye
You know that it watches
And with each step that you take
The grip grows tighter
As you stumble towards your fate
Through every peephole
And through every camera high
You know that it watches
And it knows all your desires

Into the All Seeing Eye
And know your time is nigh
Of the All Seeing Eye
And feel petrified.

It sees every phone call
Every contact that you make
Every message
Whether encrypted or unsafe
The infinite cycle
The desire to know it all
The guise of protection
Just tightens the stranglehold

Of the All seeing Eye
And know your time is nigh
Into the All Seeing Eye
And feel petrified.

Are you really safe?